Monday, January 17, 2011

Mc's 3rd Bday

On McClain's actual 3rd birthday we took him to Chuck E Cheese. He loved it. Max thought he was participating in the games by pushing the coin return button. Both boys hated Chuck E. Overall it was fun, but I was glad that we only had our boys to keep up with!

Afterwards we went back to the house for cake, ice cream, and presents. We had a few more guests join there. Mc LOVES presents but the only thing he would tell us that he wanted for his birthday was cake and candles! Over all the boy got more toys than we know what to do with and had a blast. He loves to tell people he is 3. This took some convincing. He insisted that he was 4 for weeks, but finally gave in the weekend before the big day.

This ride should have had seat belts. Max lasted about 2 seconds before he wanted out and Mc about 10.

Max wanted out of this one too, but Mommy tortured him and made him stay in. "THIS IS FUN!"

Mc warming up to the rides and games

Mc insisted that he play this bowling game. Then got board after 2 rolls and Mommy had to finish the game so we could get tickets. You know the tickets that won us a tootsie roll, sucker, and a fake snake.

I love it when Mc takes his big brother role so serious. He is helping Bubby get on the slide.

They played on this the longest.

We didn't have to put any tokens in the games for Max. He was content to pretend play everything.

I'm pretty sure Mc won ;)

Pretty sure there weren't any tokens used here.

Poor Bubby.

Chocolate. That's the only kind he wanted. But he called it "chocolate milk kind."

So excited.

For some reason he does this when people sing Happy Birthday to him. He did it at his 2nd as well.



Max in his own lil world with a ball and woody.


Max ate the most cake and ice cream of anyone at the party.

Mc "sharing" and playing with Aiden in his house.

Horsin Around

Max got a bouncy horse thing from Santa. Mc insists that it is Bullseye from Toy Story. For some reason they have decided that the purpose of Bullseye is to get on and get "bucked off" in about 3 seconds. This begins with fights over whos turn it is, then pure joy when they learn they can both "ride", then wrestling when they get "bucked off", then of course an injury or screaming ends it all! Boys.

Bounce U

Grammy and I took the boys to Bounce U for the first time on New Years Eve morning. It was exhausting! Max was a little too small to keep up and participate in everything, but he was still right in the middle of it all. Mc was EVERYWHERE. We will definitely go back, but I will be wearing gym clothes and strechout before this time!
Max found a dino bouncy thing.

Mc loved the hovering tball set up.

Look how sweet they look

Then this happens. Obviously Bubby needed "help"
Mc's turn

Backwards sliding is cool

Yes, I had to go through that too.

Max found an empty tunnel and hung out there for a while.

And sat like this in the middle of the basketball bounce house.

Then excaped

And found this little slide thing on the side and was content

The really do love eachother

Max "patting" Mc on the back

See! Hugs!

Now Bubby's turn.

Muscle Men

This is what happens when Mc takes off his shirt and shows his muscles...

Mc flexes and Max insists that his shirt be removed as well

Mc flexes while holding things to prove how strong he is

This is Max's flex! HAHA

Love it


Mc breaking in a Christmas present...

I would ask what time his watch said and he would say, "Um, time for Santa is coming to town."