Friday, June 10, 2011

Grammy's Boys

In honor of the best Grammy ever, for her birthday Mc and Max (Mc being the spokesman, Max there for moral support and giggles) did an interview about their Grammy.

1. Where does Grammy live? In her great house, with my lil house (his playhouse is at Grammy's)

2. Where do you live? In my new house with Maxy

3. What does Grammy do? Buckle me like an old woman (referring to Grammy putting him in his car seat, he calls Grammy an old woman. But in his defense, Grammy told him she was an old woman and he ran with it. It was used as an excuse why Grammy couldn't do something or was too slow. She said, "Well, Grammy is an old woman." It has stuck ever since)

4. What does Grammy always say? I love you, I love you... (he kinda sang this in a high pitched voice, which was to mimic Grammy's)

5. What is your favorite thing about Grammy? Pupcakes (aka cupcakes)

6. Where does Grammy take you? To the toy store and lets me play with guns

7. What is Grammy's name? Just Grammy

8. How old is Grammy? (blank stare) I don't know?? (shrugs shoulders) Tell me. (I reveal the age, which will be left out courtesy to Grammy ;) ) Noooo way Jose! (a new 'game' Mc likes is the No Way Jose, Yes Siree game)

9. What does Grammy sing to you? EIO and ballgame (EIEIO and Take me out to the Ballgame)

10. What does Grammy play with you? Games

11. What is Grammy's favorite food? Girl food

12. What does Grammy do that makes you laugh? Fart (followed by a fart noise...I think this is a funny, but sorry Grammy)

13. What does Grammy do that makes you soooo happy? Make pupcakes (the boy loves some cupcakes)

14. How do you know Grammy loves you? she tells me every time

15. Who is Grammy married to? (points to himself)

16. What makes Grammy happy? (points to himself)

17. What makes Grammy sad? (makes a pout face)

18. What is Grammy really good at doing? Puzzles (we really need to get this boy some puzzles)

19. What is Grammy really bad at doing? Her thumbs are broke (again, Grammy's explanation to her arthritis effecting her thumbs and what she can't do sometimes)

20. Who are Grammy's favorite boys? (points to himself)..I ask not Bubby? and Bubby and Baby Nolan and Chris and Jesse and Woody

21. Who are Grammy's kids? (points to himself)

22. Who's boy are you? GRAMMY'S BOY! (jumps up on chair and stands 'BIG')

23. Tell a funny story about Grammy: Grammy was in a car bumping and swallowed a elephant and it jumped and she said whooooaaa! (no idea?!)

24. What did you get Grammy for her Birthday? A BIG wagon with a hole that she asked for all the time! No cake. (pout face and shrugged shoulders)

25. Do you love Grammy? Yes siree!!

Grammy celebrates her birthday Saturday June 11. The boys and I went over to give her her gift last night. Mc was very excited but disappointed we didn't have cake, so I'm sure we will recelebrate Monday when we can all get together again.

Mc and Grammy have a very special relationship that I LOVE. He lights up at the mention of her name and knows that he has her wrapped around his finger. I know that Max and Nolan feel the same and will soon be able to express it in words like Mc! We couldn't ask for a better, more loving, selfless, and beautiful Grammy (and Mom ;) )

We love you, Grammy! Happy Birthday, Old Woman!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1 on 1 with Mc and Mommy

I stole this idea of off a blog I stalk. I asked McClain if he would like to have an interview. He said, "Yes." As if he knew exactly what an interview was and what to do. He didn't quite understand some of the questions and definitely got a little distracted and goofy throughout the process, but nonetheless, here is Mc's first interview:

1. What makes Mommy happy? Poop in the potty

2. What makes Mommy sad? Poop in the pants
(can you tell we stressing something?)
3. What makes you laugh? Max's knuckle head (as he scobbed Max's head)

4. What was Mommy like as a kid? A princess (obviously...only not)

5. How old is Mommy? Big

6. How tall is Mommy? Big

7. What is Mommy's favorite thing to do? Feed cats (what I had just did, with both boys' "help")

8. What does Mommy do when you are not at home with her? Go to Grammy's house

9. What would Mommy be super famous for? Pooping in the potty (nice)

10. What is Mommy really good at doing? Puzzles (we don't even have any puzzles at my house?)

11. What is Mommy's job? Work at school (not true)

12. What is Mommy's favorite food? Meat (random)

13. What do you and Mommy do together? Paint walls (Grammy painted her wall like 6 months ago or more...I think he saw her doing the actual painting once for about 2 minutes...I was there though!) (and he says "Peent" for paint)

14. How are you and Mommy the same? We are 3 (umk)

15. How are you and Mommy different? You look like Max (true, but I'm pretty sure he was trying to be funny)

16. How do you know Mommy loves you? Cause you tell me, silly!

17. Where is your Mommy's favorite place to go? Grammy's house

18. Who is your best friend? Mommy (brownie points!)

19. Who is Max's best friend? Mommy (just a true statement ;))

20. What is your favorite color? Orange, pink, and yellow (who knows, it changes)

21. What is your favorite candy? Chocolate

22. Who is your favorite girl? Mommy

23. Who is your favorite boy? Maxy

24. What is your favorite toy? Buzz

25. What is your favorite game?Puzzles

26. What is your favorite movie? Buzz and Woody

27. What is your favorite song? EIO (but sang half of EIEIO mixed in with Twinkle Twinkle and Take Me Out to the Ball Game)

28. Tell me a funny story: A bunny went to Grammy's and pooped candies, jelly beans, candies, and put it on Poppa's chair! (pretty sure this is his version of the movie Hop) (this was followed by loud fake laughter, in which Max mimicked, then of course both giggled.)

Summa Summa Summa Time

I LOVE SUMMER! And it appears my boys will too! This past weekend we broke in our new backyard and classed the place up with some slippin slidin' and kiddie poolin'. The boys LOVED it. Max is already bronzing up, unfortunately Mc does not have the same results from hours in the sun and got a lil burnt. I felt horrible. I loaded the kid down with sunscreen every 30-45 mins but it still got to him. I am nursing a sunburn for the first time in my life and will definitely limit his direct sun exposure from now on or at least until he gets some color!! Mc has begged to swim every night since. I love that my boys are water babies and we found something to do outdoors and keep cool!


max just waddled up and down the slip n slide, not much sliding but lots of falling

lounging in the slip n slide landing pool

racing...Mc gave Max a head start, but didn't really help


this is hours after the pool made its appearance- notice the nice shade of grayish brown water, this is when mommy decided she wouldnt be getting in anymore



time out for drying off, sunscreening, and bubbles


the audio would be, "CHEESE"