Monday, January 17, 2011

Bounce U

Grammy and I took the boys to Bounce U for the first time on New Years Eve morning. It was exhausting! Max was a little too small to keep up and participate in everything, but he was still right in the middle of it all. Mc was EVERYWHERE. We will definitely go back, but I will be wearing gym clothes and strechout before this time!
Max found a dino bouncy thing.

Mc loved the hovering tball set up.

Look how sweet they look

Then this happens. Obviously Bubby needed "help"
Mc's turn

Backwards sliding is cool

Yes, I had to go through that too.

Max found an empty tunnel and hung out there for a while.

And sat like this in the middle of the basketball bounce house.

Then excaped

And found this little slide thing on the side and was content

The really do love eachother

Max "patting" Mc on the back

See! Hugs!

Now Bubby's turn.

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