Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summa Summa Summa Time

I LOVE SUMMER! And it appears my boys will too! This past weekend we broke in our new backyard and classed the place up with some slippin slidin' and kiddie poolin'. The boys LOVED it. Max is already bronzing up, unfortunately Mc does not have the same results from hours in the sun and got a lil burnt. I felt horrible. I loaded the kid down with sunscreen every 30-45 mins but it still got to him. I am nursing a sunburn for the first time in my life and will definitely limit his direct sun exposure from now on or at least until he gets some color!! Mc has begged to swim every night since. I love that my boys are water babies and we found something to do outdoors and keep cool!


max just waddled up and down the slip n slide, not much sliding but lots of falling

lounging in the slip n slide landing pool

racing...Mc gave Max a head start, but didn't really help


this is hours after the pool made its appearance- notice the nice shade of grayish brown water, this is when mommy decided she wouldnt be getting in anymore



time out for drying off, sunscreening, and bubbles


the audio would be, "CHEESE"

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