Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brush Creek Fall Festival Fun

The boys and I went to Brush Creek Festival on Saturday before the OU vs Cinci game. Grammy, Kathy, and Aiden joined us for the adventure. The boys were perfect, especially since it was BEFORE naps had occurred.
We had some festival food: chicken fries, corn dogs, and of course kettle corn. Grammy had been promising Mc popcorn and animal petting all weekend, so he made sure we had that popcorn before we left. Mc refused to tell me what he wanted to eat because he was convinced all the food was for the animals, but we finally got him to at least have some bites of the chicken fries. Max loved the entertainment that we had while eating. I regret not getting any pictures of the performers, but let's just say that I hope he chooses a different extra curricular activity! Max clapped and tapped his lil foot to several folk singers, awkwardly shaped and dressed teenage tap dancers, old tie dye wearing clog dancers, and very talkative gospel singers.
Both boys loved petting and feeding the animals, but it is becoming very obvious that Max will be our animal lover (much like his Uncle Chris and Grammy). Mc got his face painted. We allowed him to choose from all the pictures and he chose a dinosaur. He added an OU hat for that extra Sooner spirit. Aiden got Blue and a clue (from Blue's Clues). They were also rewarded with a stick horse to ride around the festival for the remainder of the afternoon.
Overall, it was a perfect outing. Both boys took nice long naps when we got home that stretched into game time!!

Here are some pics of the boys on their latest adventure

Sleepy Max
Excited Mc
Max feeding Edward the Llama
Mc dumping food on the chickens, bunnies, and pig

PJ (or TJ, didn't ever hear) the Goat was probably Mc's favorite

Max needed more feed. He either ate it himself or Edward swooped it all in 10 seconds.
Mc wasn't so sure about the cow being just tied up and not in a cage
Max talking to Edward
Mc back with his buddy PJ/TJ
Slowest face painter in the world, but Mc sat perfectly still

Aiden's Blue

They were both so excited for their horsies
They rode them all around. It was a crowd stopper!

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