Thursday, September 30, 2010


McClain LOVES Toy Story, in particular, Buzz Lightyear. I may have made the best purchase EVER at the Disney Store. I got Buzz and Woody PJs for Mc about a month ago. These PJs have gotten Mc in and out of baths so much easier than before! He puts the Buzz PJ's and immediately goes into his routine. He pushes the buttons on his chest and performs for us all! He is just too cute!
Mc is so proud of his PJs
This is Mc being "big". Usually he gets on the couch and stands up doing this pose and claims "I BIG!" but this is him being big like Buzz.

Using his laser

This is after he pushed the big red button that is on the left side of his chest. Apparently this is the button that makes Buzz's wings spread. After he mimics the wings spreading with his arms, he "BLASTS OFF", and of course completes it with an "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!"

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