Monday, October 11, 2010

Warrior Homecoming Parade!

Uncle Chris, Aunt Amy, Unborn Cousin Nolan, Cousin Rambo, Grammy, Mommy, Mc & Max all went to the Glenpool Homecoming parade last Tuesday. It was perfect weather and both boys really enjoyed the entire parade. Rambo, however, did not enjoy the Harleys or fire truck, nor the annoying little kid and dog next to us! I was surprised how much Max liked the noise. Aunt Amy covered his ears when the sirens were going off, but we soon realized he was thoroughly excited about the commotion. Mc got the hang of waving and looking cute and made a killing in the candy department (which Mommy hid immediately once we got home!) We also discovered that both boys are HUGE fans of suckers! New bribery treats!

Uncle Chris and Rambo hiding

Aunt Amy, Max, Mommy and Mc waiting for the show to begin

Mc pretending to be shy and a Mommy's boy...YEAH RIGHT!

This is where Mc is catching on to the tricks of getting candies

Baby Boy

Max was really satisfied with his one sucker and holding a pixie stick

Mc earning his treats

Aunt Amy trying to protect Max's ears...

Max LOVING the sirens and cycles, this is a new face
Double fisting

Such talent

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