Monday, October 11, 2010


Mommy, Grammy, Mc and Max all loaded up and met Kathy, Aiden, Uncle Chris and Aunt Amy at the Tulsa State Fair last Sunday. We ate, rode, petted, fed, and watched all day. We ate snow cones, corn dogs, polish dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and shrimp on stick (obviously not one person eating all of the above, but we probably tried a bite of all). Mc and Aiden rode rides like crazy. Mc even talked Uncle Chris into riding the big bumpy slide. We went to the petting zoo. As I mentioned in the Disney on Ice post, Mc had kinda worn out his welcome at the zoo and he was tired of it as well, so Max and Grammy got to do some petting alone while Mommy and Mc strolled the strip. We all got to watch the dog trick show and see the sea lions pose for pics. Over all it was a very successful outing with lots of fun. The boys were tuckered out and didn't make it home awake!
Max was a huge fan of all the animals

But really like the goats

He really, REALLY wanted them to eat out of his hands

He is just the cutest

He finally found a goat just his size that allowed him to "pet" his head

Mc cruisin in the General Lee

Ridin a dragon

Big Bumpy Slide with Uncle Chris

Mc and Aiden riding in their Monster Trucks!

Grammy and sleepy Max

Watchin big bubby ride rides

Munchin on popcorn and waitin for the doggy show

Max picked grass while waiting

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