Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby Nolan

NOLAN TRAVIS HARPER made his grand 7 week early entrance in to the world October 25, 2010 at 9:57am in South Haven, Mississippi. Yep, you read correctly, I said MISSISSIPPI!! Amy was on her baby shower trip in Memphis (where most of her family lives or gathers). We got word that Amy was having pains on Friday night, but I admit, I kinda brushed it off assuming she was whining and had just been cooped up in the car for 6 hours. SORRY AMY! Saturday Amy called her Dr and they told her to go to the ER cause it sounded like she was in labor. Chris called Grammy and came by the house to take off to Mississippi early Saturday afternoon. We were getting updates throughout the day and evening (during OU's embarrassing loss to Mizzou) but I was still thinking that no way Nolan would make his appearance this soon. Sunday morning came and Grammy was spazzing. She stared at every airline website, bus route, and probably even train schedules, for hours. Finally she decided to do a oneway car rental (they had too many cars in Mississippi and not enough people since Amy would probably not be allowed to drive back). At this point Amy was dilated to a 3 or so, but they were still trying to stop the labor. I had decided that I would wait until Nolan was coming before I left. So I dropped a spastic Grammy off at the Tulsa airport and called Chris to let him know she was loose! This is when Chris said the dr had just walked out and announced that Amy was still progressing so they were going to stop her Magnesium and Nolan would be here late that night or early Monday morning!! I immediately turned my car around and called Grammy to tell her to meet me where I dropped her off! We took off from there, I had no clothes or overnight items but we didn't have time to waste if we were gonna see Nolan's grand entrance! By the time we got there (six hours later through a horrible storm) Amy had gotten her epidural and had slowed down a lot. We waited and waited in the igloo of a room Amy had been put in. I guess her meds made her hot, but I swear it was 30 degrees in there. Anyways, I'll save the laboring stories for Amy to tell, but she did AWESOME. I know she must have been delirious and exhausted, not to mention starving since she hadn't had anything to eat since Saturday morning. But she delieverd the cutest 4lb 3oz, 17.5in nephew EVER! He came out screaming and has been doing sooo great ever since. He has never been on oxygen, has been eating pretty consistently, dropped a lil weight but has already made a move in the right direction by gaining an ounce. They were in Mississippi until Sunday, Halloween, when our insurance paid to have Nolan transferred to Tulsa!! Nolan and Amy flew into the Jenks airport on a tiny lil jet. Nolan is now at St Francis Children's Hospital. That place is fancy! He has his own lil room with seating for all his guests. Hopefully he will get to eating and put on some weight so we can play with him at home, but for now we are just soooo thankful that he and Amy are both doing soooo good. He is adorable! I think he looks like Chris, but I haven't seen any of Amy's baby pictures and I hate when people tell me they think my kids look like someone when they don't know!! haha! He is PERFECT!
Nolan's Birthday!
Daddy! (thats just weird!)

Perfect tiny Nolan


Wondering why Mommy is shoving that phone in his face

Learning to suck

still training

Proud Mommy

Proud Daddy

All buckled up for his flight home!!

teeny tiny clothes for teeny tiny Nolan

Cutest Nephew EVER


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