Monday, November 1, 2010

Bubby Max

MAX = Mommy's boy, Grammy's boy, typical baby brother, animal lover, sucker lover, teradactyl squealer, goofy walker, jello lover, nose pickin', always sleepin', sink bath takin', mc envyin', awesome dancin', mc annoyin', cutest baby boy in the world!
Max just turned 15 months in the middle of October. I'm sure its the case with most familys that have more than one kiddo, but it seems that Max gets, kinda, overlooked. Not in the, we ignore him kind of way, but more in the we pick him up and tote him on our hip cause we are chasing big brother Mc around kind of way.
Typically you see his sweet side. Max is such a "baby" he loves to give love and be loved on. He immediately streches his lil short arms straight up as I walk in the room. He will actually sit on a lap for no reason other than, why not (not common with his big brother). He lays his head on your shoulder as you carry him around.
However, if you get this lil one on his own, or watch him exist in his own little world while big brother is demanding attention from someone else, you realize his personality is huge, goofy, and awesome!
Max will dance like no one is watching at the slightest, quietest tune, and it is hillarious. He will squat and swing his lil arms back and forth, up and down, and then take of struting across the room like he is on a mission only to quickly turn right back around and end up where he started and repeats the moves!
Max has just now started "playing" with Mc. He loves to play chase. I can just mention, "I'm gonna get you," and he cracks up and takes off "running" with his arms flailing about over his head (much like pheobe's running style from Friends). It is the cutest run EVER.
Max is my sleeper. He doesn't fight it, he actually almost requests it most nights. I can always tell when he is sleepy. He either flops his big lil ears with his hand or pokes his lil finger directly in his eye and whines. Yes, the eye poking is weird, but cute too.
And when I say he is a baby, its not all bad, nor all his fault. We baby him. He is my baby. Grammy loves to spoil him. Grammy still gives him a bath in our kitchen sink after dinner most nights as the whole family is in the the kitchen eating and chasing Mc around. He doesn't say much, but who needs to talk when he has big brother Mc for that!
He is my sweet, goofy, cute as can be, baby bubby!

Eye poking = sleepy

Throw a blanket down on the ground and he will do this EVERY time




Chubby cheek cute

loves suckers!

probably stole this from Mc

Off to the side watching Mc


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