Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eves are a long tradition. Every year of my life I have been to Dustin, OK (minus last year during the snow storm). I hope my boys get to experience this tradition for a long long time. Yes, its a long hour plus drive. Yes, there are more than 25 people crammed into a small small area. Yes, it takes forever to heat all the food up and then by the time the last thing is ready the first things are cold again. Yes, kids run crazy. Yes, you are forced to take millions of pictures. Yes, you must balance your plate on one leg eating on a crowed couch if you were lucky enough to get a chair! And that is what makes it our Christmas Eve. I love it and love it even more now that I have the boys to share it with.

Cousin dogpile

Grammy and Baby Nolan = Max in heaven!

The cousins LOVE Maxer

Mc hiding Grammy's dirty santa gift so no one would take her Snuggy from her!

He will kill me for this!
It is also tradition that all the kids change into their Christmas PJs after gifts are opened

Max the elf

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