Monday, January 17, 2011


Christmas was so much fun this year with Mc nearly 3 and actually understanding what was going on. He was excited and loved toys. Max was just excited cause everyone else seemed to be excited and really could care less about the toys, that is until Mc had one and then he wanted it too!

Santa came!!
He brought us a house! Mc saw this from the top of the stairs and said, "He brought me a HOUSE!" with a huge grin then, "YESSSS!" It was perfect and actually caught on video.

This is the first gift Mc opened and I'm pretty sure the last. He opened the Toy Story Andy's Toys and we couldnt get him to quit playing long enough to open anything else.

Max SLOOOWWLY opening a present

Mc making Poppa take all the Toy Story toys out

Max decided to do this instead of tearing paper off

Still working on it


Then he found his chair and was content

Baby Nolan

Playing with new toys

The doorbell batteries lasted 3 hours.

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