Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Parties and Happenings

December was crazy and non stop. Our family does Christmas all month long and the boys loved it all! Here are some of the happenings of December, such as, tree decorating, cookie baking, Grammy cuddling, and family parties...

Max "decorating". I think they did much more UNdecorating, but oh well.

Mc making Santa wave

The boys caught undecorating again. Look how guilty they look!

Grammy and Mc making cookies

Mc making cookies by himself. Don't worry, we didn't use that dough!

Adding sprinkles

Grammy's boys!!

Max LOVES baby Nolan! and uncle Chris too!

Best Friends

Max n Grammy

Wrestling. I'm sure this ended in smiles as always ;)

LOVE that grin

Mc rode Rudolph a lot

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