Monday, January 17, 2011


We took the boys to see Santa at The BassPro Shop one early afternoon. The wait was a little long, but since we were at BassPro the boys got to roam and be very entertained while waiting. Mc was very excited to see Santa and tell him what he wanted, which switched everytime we asked and usually was something he was looking at at that exact minute, like a ball, light, noodles, etc. Once we finally got up to the front of the line Mc got a little nervous and got shy. Both boys, to my surprise, sat very still on Santa's lap and waited for pics to be taken. No smiles, but no tears = success in the Santa visit department! Mc said Santa told him to be a good boy and Mc responded with "I want candy." Haha. Thats all we got out of him and I'm pretty sure it was accurate. Max sat in a trance the whole time and I'm not even sure noticed what happened at all. Baby Nolan also made the trip, but Santa had a two kid limit and I missed pics of Nolans visit. Overall, Santa was a hit.

Big brother Mc educating Max on the fishy.

Mc studying the fish.

Max studying the fish

Max really did want to see the bear's face, he changed his mind afterwards.


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