Tuesday, May 10, 2011

February Happenings

Yes, I know, its May and my title has February in it. I am hoping to keep up with the boys' blog a little better now, but for now, better late than never.

Since its months past due I'm just gonna unload the February happenings in pics and let ya have it....

Actually the first few of these were from the first snow storm at the end of Jan, but the Feb storm is here too....

Maxer rockin the hawk

Mc's first sledding experience

He pretty much just wanted to be pushed around in the sled

Uncle Chris obliged

He did fancy spinning tricks...

And refused to walk back, so we had to go get him

He made snow angels

and snow castles

(notice the details of the perfectly placed twigs on each castle)

Max wasn't down for the snow. He throw a fit just getting dressed to go out so he just hung inside napping and cuddlign with Grammy

But he looked cool doin it

the february storm was a lil ridic...

Mc couldnt walk in it and it was freezing, our outing didnt last long this time

Valentine's Day treats make Max HAPPY

for some reason this reminds me of his Uncle Chris??!!!

the beloved "puppies"

(little did we know that these lil mini pups would be his fav thing, even today)

Happy Heart Day CHEEESE

The Boys' first Circus!

Max was very impressed with the lights

Cannot believe how fast this lady painted kids' faces

Cutest Tiger EVER!

Max the puppy and Mc the Tiger

Max was oblivious that he had his face painted

In awh

So happy and content with his popcorn and on grammy's lap

Before we pulled out of the parking lot to head home.....

and this one....

Less than five mins later! They loved it and it wore them out....PERFECT!

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