Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It seems like a lot went on in March, you know enough that kept me from blogging and sharing any pics of my children, but looking back, it was just a big mess of everydayness I guess. We are busy people!

The first of these pics were all that was on my camera for the first part of March. You'll notice most of are Max. Mc is on the move and has his own agenda these days. Max on the other hand is NEVER far from my side and is ALWAYS cheesin it up!

night night routine = bath, pjs, find blanket, find sippy, go a lil crazy on the couch and then he is out. He doesn't get fussy, he doesn't fight it. Follow the routine and all I have to do is ask him to get his blanket, pick him up, and he starts waving bye bye to Poppa and Grammy all while blowing kisses. I carry him upstairs while singing Twinkle Twinkle, as he "sings" along, lay him in his crib, say "Night Night", walk out, shut the door, and see him in the morning!



this is his dancing super hero pose

jumping super hero pose



These boys LOVE the park. So much so, that Mommy has told a wee lil lie, or a million, that the park is closed at some points during EVERYDAY. Now Mc asks, "Mommy, is the park closed?" In my defense, the lie is usually used when its dark, rainy, muddy, or bedtime. Believe me, we get our fair share of park time!

Mc is offically a lil boy :( no longer needing Mommy's help

Max on the other hand, still wants me right there by his side

Mc is a social butterfly.

Pete and Repeat.

Sweet Max waved to every person leaving the park

This grin is one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world!

but its tied with the giggle that comes with it!!!

The boys were invited to a very special lil lady's 1st birthday celly, Miss Ellie!

We loaded up and went to Yukon to see E celebrate her 1st. The boys were pretty good, a mess at times, but overall pretty good. The boys are soooo blessed to have special people in their lives like the Feisals. We see many play dates, tailgates, and hangouts in our future!

Once again, Mc off doing his own thing while Max is cuddling with Mommy!

I love lil boys in baseball hats!!

especially ones with dimples and a grin like this!

Miss E puttin on a show

But couldn't take her eyes off of her Poppa Howard

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