Friday, May 13, 2011

First Rangers Game


(Mc, Poppa, Grammy, Casey, Max, Chris, Nolan, Amy, & Jesse)

The Harper family took a lil mini vacay down to Arlington to watch a Rangers vs Yankees game over Mothers' Day weekend. I got to experience my first "single mom" road trip with the boys. That's right, Mommy drove all by herself and a 1+ and 3 year old! Overall, they did awesome! The 5 hour drive wasn't that bad and the boys did great. Of course I packed enough goodies for a month and we watched about every dvd we owned, but they were good.

The Masters' boys got to reunite with our good friends, the Wards, on Friday night and spend all day Saturday playing. After lunch and attempted (Mc's failed) naps, we headed to Arlington to set up our tailgate. Mc was not in the mood, to say the least. He eventually woke up and enjoyed the game, but it took a bit.

Mc complained that his eyes hurt and he needed shades. He chose Brent's out of the possible 3 selections. Good choice, bub.

Nolan caught on to the tailgating pretty quick, but got tired of it just as quick.

Max was in his own lil world, as usual

Channings favorite player is Elvis, just ask her, she'll tell ya.

Mc and Poppa headed to the game

He is very patriotic...can't ya tell

an intense first inning

Mc and his Grammy

Mc made it up to see Mommy and the Ward's and sent Max with Grammy

more intensity

Jes chauffeuring Max to Grammy's section

Max loves some Goobers, apparently

He waited for Poppa to crack the shell very patiently

and then stored them in his mouth throughout the thing at a time...cheer, chew, cheer, swallow...

eventually Max got tired of waiting on Poppa and took over himself

in about the 5-6th inning Mc started saying "Mommy, can we go home?"

Poor boy was exhausted.
So I did what every good mother would do, tell him if he took a perfect pic or two we could go home!.....

Best Buds!

Nolan lacked a little intensity

Thank God Jes was with me to get Mc down from the 3rd deck! Mc claimed his legs were tired! haha

and apparently so were theirs!! (to their credit, Max is like carrying a sack of potatoes - a heavy and sack)

Overall, it was an awesome experience. We got to hang with the Wards with the kids, finally, the boys got to see their first MLB game, and the Rangers won!!! We will definitely be back!

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