Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Easter was fun filled. RAINY, :( but that didn't stop my boys. Easter eve we had a lot going on, a baby shower in the early afternoon, Mc had a one on one date to the movies with Poppa, and later that evening we went to Aidan's birthday party. So, after we squeezed in naps there wasn't time to dye our eggs until after Aidan's party, which was 9ish, aka WAY past the boys' bed time.

Max is in full blown little brother phase. He mimics everything big brudder does, or tries I should say. On this day he wanted to wear big boy undies like Mc. We had told Mc that we were going to dye eggs. He seemed a little confused, so we explained that we were going to "color" the eggs. He caught on and went with "color" rather than dye. As we were preparing, Mc noticed a pot of eggs that Grammy had separated from the rest. Mc asked why. Grammy explained that those eggs were for us to eat later. He accepted that answer, but sat unusually quiet for a bit staring at us as we prepared the dye. As we were about to start, Mc seemed concerned and asked, "Grammy, these eggs are dying?" Awh, poor boy thought Grammy was killing his eggs :(

the boys all stripped down and ready to dye some eggs.

Max sat and waited very patiently but wanted to get a "dink" aka drink out of the mugs

Mc was verrrry eeeeaasyyy

Max was very proud of himself

Mc checked his eggs about 100 times, every 5 seconds

and this was Max's finale after he was told he could not have a dink for the 100th time. Poor Bubby it was way past bedtime. He waved night night to all and was out in 5 seconds.

Yellow was Mc's favorite. I know this because he told and showed me about 100 times

The egg dying got intense, so Mommy requested that shorts be removed as well

The end result. Pretty sure all are cracked and multicolored.

Mc's favorites (notice they are both yellow)



Of course the boys would get up at 6:20am! This meant Mommy had to rudely awake Poppa and Grammy so they, too, could witness the Easter Bunny excitement. However, Max really didn't know what was going on and Mc was only interested in one thing...CANDY! The Easter Bunny didn't really think things through, he hid plastic eggs filled with candy all over the house. Mommy thought that the boys would find the eggs and get excited to find all the eggs once they found out candy was inside. However, the boys wanted immediate gratification. Find egg, open egg, eat candy, find new egg, open egg, eat candy....get it? Sooo, Grammy distracted the boys with their baskets filled with other, non-sugared, goodies like toys and such, while Mommy ran around emptying eggs and hiding candy.

Max still trying to figure out what is going on

Mc explaining to Max that there is CANDY!

Max hiding his little toys from someone, aka Mc

Mc hunting

Max watching Mc hunt, still guarding his loot



Grandpa, Mammy, Katie, Tony, Jes, Chris, Amy, and Baby Nolan all came over to Grammy and Poppa's for lunch. We ate, watched new movies, Mc hid the eggs from the Easter Bunny (?), attempted photo shoots, and even had some dino fights.

The next couple of pics are the result of bribing kids with candy for a good pic....

Mc takes his photo shoots serious....

He moves from one pose to the next, saying CHEEESEE, waiting for a flash, then on to the next pose

about one out of every 7 poses are normal

but he earns his candy in the end!

Max on the other hand....

was not in the mood, so Mommy sweetens the deal for Mc and asks him to sit next to Bubby and act like they are BEST FRIENDS....



Max's best effort

Mc still wanting more candy

And as most of our photo shoots do, this is how the end looks



Mc can name most every dinosaur, too bad we don't really know if he is right. He claims Dino Dan taught him, so I sure he is.

Mc directs every scene. He demands that your character, dino, do this or say that. And you better do as he says or he will repeat, "say this:_____," "Hey, say this :________." about 100 time or until you do as told.

Max just goes with the flow as long as he has a dino or two, but they are required to have their mouths opened and teeth, so he can make this face!

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