Monday, August 8, 2011

Kiddie Park Fun

Grammy and I took the boys to Bartlesville to the Kiddie Park earlier this summer. It doesn't even open until 7:30pm so it was a little risky seeing how my boys are usually in bed by 8:00pm, but we had heard good things and we needed to try it out. I am very glad that we did. All the rides are perfect for the 2-3year range and were only $.25 each ride! The boys loved it and were in perfect moods despite them being exhausted! We haven't made it back out there, but we will, if not this summer, for sure next.

USS BARTLESVILLE was the first ride. Max concentrated very hard to not crash...haha.

Mc was a little scared of this one at first but by the end of the night he was soooo proud of himself for riding without being afraid. Oh and Max is in there too, he just preferred to sit on the bottom of the ride instead of the seats. Whatever!

Truck Drivin

Honking at the truck in front of them

Mc looks HUGE in this itty bitty car, but he was pumped cause it was like Uncle Chris'

Mc claimed Max's was "Lightnin'"

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