Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Those of you around Mc a lot know he is full of surprises and entertainment. Those of you that are not as lucky are truly missing out on one of the most intelligent, goofy little boys I have ever known. Just to open the door and let you peek in to a lil bit of Mc life, I have listed some of his most recent acts:

  • Grammy and I took the boys to the fair on Saturday (pics are coming soon). On the way home Mc said, "Grammy?" Grammy, "What?" Mc, "Grammy, I just want to know where you want me to put my boogers?" This is where Grammy and Mommy are trying very very hard not to burst in to laughter. Grammy, "Here is a napkin." Mc, "Thanks Grammy."

  • Mc is in the long process of potty training, we haven't got to the serious potty training part, just introducing the idea. So, Mc is sitting on the toilet and Grammy, says "are you done?" nothing has "came out" which is not uncommon. Mc, "Oh," as he thinks something is about to happen and raises his eye brows, then says, "nope, I just farted." Gotta love boys.
  • Mc is in the back seat of my car. Mc says, "Oops, I stepped on a frog." This is Grammy for he farted.

  • Mc had recently learned that there were such things as "Man Cars." He used to hear a loud engine and run to the door or outside looking for his Daddy's car. Unfortunately, he now goes to the old impala in the garage at the house and pats it because he understands that "Daddy's man car broke" :(

  • Mc acts out very precise scenes in his "tb" movies. His favorites are Madagascar and Toy Story. Mc and his Daddy can do the entire father/son scene in Madagascar 2. He also does all his "cool tricks" like Alex, even dancing in slow motion. Its quite a site.

  • Mc is eating Teddy Grahams and is making the bears talk to each other and himself. He has two talking back in forth in a high pitched voice. Bear #1 says "Hi there bear. Don't eat me!" Bear #2 says, "I won't eat you." Mc voice says, "Hi bears." Bear #1 says, "Don't eat me!" Bear #2 says, "Please help!" Mc says, "Are you crazy, you're just crackers," as he chomps their heads off. Bears #1 & #2 scream. Mc, "Ha Ha, you don't have heads."

Ah, with this lil boy around there is never a dull, nor quiet, moment. He talks like he is 16.

  • Most 2year olds answer with a "yes" or "no". Our Mc, "sure" or "nah".

  • He loves to "argue". He will say, "Mommy, you say, strike him out." I say, "strike him out," Mc says, "NO! Hit a homerun." Then I say, "No!! Strike him out!" Mc, "No, Mommy, I say that now. You say, hit a homerun." This goes on the exact same way for at least 5 exchanges.

  • If I tell him,"Mc, its about time for bed. You have 5 minutes." He says, "Mommy, don't say that." I repeat, "5 minutes." Mc, "I can't hear you."

Mc isn't always as ornery as I may make him seem...

  • Mc tells secrets. They are always the same secrets. "I love you soooo much." or "You make me soooo happy." It will melt your heart.

  • Mc and I were walking to the park. Mc says, "this is soooo fun, Mommy. You make me soooo happy" while skipping along the sidewalk. Then says, "Mommy, I'm gonna get you a sucker so you can be sooooo happy." Love him!
  • Mc gives "slobbers," kisses that must be wiped off of your cheek for obvious reasons.

  • Mc can chant "NU ORK ANKEES" and "DER-WICK JE-TER" follwed by clap clap clap- courtesy of Daddy

  • Mc sings Boomer Sooner and has recently learned "BOOO TEXAS" while attempting to do upside down longhorns with his hands, which really is him holding both hands upside down and dangling his fingers with a goofy face the whole time.
  • Mc secretly chants "GO RANGERS" when with Grammy and Uncle Chris. Shhhh, don't tell Daddy.

  • Mc was a born rocker. Since he was little he has fist pumped right along with his Daddy. Now that Daddy's man car is broke and he is driving a "normal" car with a radio, Mc demands Daddy turn on the radio so he can rock and immediately starts fist pumping to any song and says, "I rockin'!"
As you can tell, Mc is our pride and joy and most definitely our entertainment! These are the things that make me soooo proud and feel truly blessed that God picked me to be Mc's mommy. There is no other little boy like him. No one can ever describe the kind of happiness and love he brings to me, and, of course, everyone else.


  1. That's my Mc - he's Grammy's boy - just ask him, he'll tell you!

  2. Oh Mc He is definetly one of a kind! I can't wait for him and Nolan to play... PS I need help with my blog Casey thanks!

  3. I LOVE HIM!!! Ellie says she wants him to teach her how to talk to Teddy Grahams! She actually prefers her feet right now :)

    Amy Kay you have a blog!!! I want the address!