Friday, October 8, 2010


Mommy and Mc had a day all to themselves last Friday. Daddy had prepared Mc to see Buzz skate all morning, so he was definitely ready and anxious. He didn't quite get what we meant by Buzz will be "skating". He began saying, Buzz has a skateboard? The only way he knows anything about a skateboard is from "Donald's" (aka McDonald's) recent happy meal prize. Anyways, I don't think he ever noticed the ice or ice skates on any of the characters. The show was good, but way too long for my lil boy. It didn't help that there were several "princess" themed skits in the first hour before intermission. Yes, I said first hour! Then, Buzz, the main attraction for Mc, was the very last skit!
Mc got to pick out 1 "prize" and 1 "nack". He chose a Buzz sword, which is weird cause I never noticed Buzz with a sword, and popcorn. Mc immediately wanted to trade in his sword for a spinny light up Mickey Mouse thingy when the boys were walking around selling them at intermission. He also wanted a "no cone" (snow cone) instead of popcorn. He only had a slight breakdown and no one else noticed, so it was ok. Mc brought along his baby Buzz and baby Woody to show "Daddy Buzz" his baby. He told me this the whole ride there and when the show started he poked Baby Buzz through the railing to show him off.
Mc was fine and very entertained for the first 20 minutes. The next 20 minutes he got antsy, but since we were on the front row all by ourselves in our section, I let him roam up and down the aisle. Then the last 10 minutes before intermission he was demanding to go talk to Mickey down there. This is when we left to walk around. Little did I know that intermission was next, so I had to entertain a 2 year old in the lobby for nearly half an hour while the vendors were shoving toys and treats in his face. Not fair! The show started back up and he was immediately bored. So we walked inside the Pavilion arena, went to the restroom (both of them), and then seat jumped until Buzz FINALLY made his appearance. Mc was in awh, but was disappointed he didn't get to talk to him.
After the show we walked back through the fair and stopped by the petting zoo before Mc had had enough and had a slight melt down thus our exit.
It was a very long afternoon, but I loved every minute of my one on one time with my big boy!
Mc with his "prize"

Mc refusing to take a pic with Mommy. He sworded the camera multiple times.

And then I got him to sit still, but didn't realize he refused to look at the camera. So this is my awesome Mommy & Mc pic.

In awh

Still entertained

And the reaction to the Princesses

This is where we landed for the Buzz skit

He couldn't understand why they wouldn't come over to him....they were so close

He had just dumped his entire feed cup into the trough

And this is him demanding more

And this is just before the goat snatched the cup out of Mc's hands and probably forever traumatized him and made him hate goats

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